Tokyo Replay Center

Tokyo Replay Center

Składanie prac: 31/01/2013

The center must fit with the lifestyle of Japanese society while offering a new method of entertainment designed especially for them. The Tokyo Replay Center is a new concept of entertainment. A complex with numerous private media rooms (similar to the popular karaoke rooms) where groups of friends can go to see old anime, to watch classic films, or to play video games in a private setting where they can feel comfortable. For the same price that a karaoke session or an informal dinner would cost, people could rent a private room and be entertained with some of the best Japanese technological entertainment. The space has to be equipped with the best technology in audio and video quality while also offering an extensive menu of food and drinks to complete the experience. The Tokyo Replay Center aspires to become a reference point in this culture of leisure, a must for the “otaku” (people with a keen interest in manga, anime, and video games) and all people interested in technology. It would be a place where you could find the latest releases as well as the most desirable classics.

Awards:EURO 5,000 Total

Fees: EURO 50

Competition Language: English and Spanish

Competition website:


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Auth 2012-11-02 09:33:59

Way to use the internet to help ppeole solve problems!


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